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WWF Wrestling Figures
Compiled by Jeremy Moran (Jerro@webtv.net)

The Fairly Complete and Mostly Accurate JAKKS WWF WRESTLING FIGURES LIST! version 2.0 - updated 4/19/1998 compiled by ME! Jeremy Moran (Jerro@webtv.net)
This listing is to the best of my abilities, and I'll be updating sections as I get more info. If you see something I've missed or that needs to be corrected, e-mail me at the address above!
This list is not intended to be a price guide, but a checklist that you can print out and keep track of your collection. Want to know what you're missing? Use this!

Jakks WWF 5" Figures (1996-present)

Series #1 (Square card, square bubble, photo chip w/quote)

  • Bret "Hitman" Hart
  • Diesel
  • Razor Ramon
  • Shawn Michaels (red tights)
  • Goldust (w/removable wig)
  • The Undertaker (w/removable hat)

Series #2

  • Bret "Hitman" Hart
  • Owen Hart (King of Harts)
  • Shawn Michaels (red tights)
  • The Ultimate Warrior (blue tights)
  • The Undertaker (w/removable hat and glow in the dark skin)
  • Vader

Series #3 - 1997

NOTE: Starting with this series, all figures packed with silver WWF stands and pegholes in left foot. New "shield" bubble with smaller photo chip and series number at bottom, some cards are die cut.

  • Ahmed Johnson
  • Bret "Hitman" Hart
  • British Bulldog
  • Diesel (rerelease)
  • Goldust (rerelease)
  • Mankind
  • Shawn Michaels (blue tights)
  • Sycho Sid (blue tights)

Series #4 - "BAD BOYS"

  • Faarooq
  • Hunter Hearst Helmsley
  • Jerry "The King" Lawler (w/ removable crown)
  • Justin Hawk Bradshaw (w/ removable hat and bullrope)
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin (tights)
  • Vader

Series #5 (Light blue cards)

  • Flash Funk (w/ removable hat)
  • Ken Shamrock
  • Rocky Maivia (no cape)
  • Savio Vega
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin (tights)
  • Sycho Sid (black tights)

Ringside Collection (Red and white cards)

  • Referee
  • Sable (red dress)
  • Sunny (black skirt, white top)
  • Vince McMahon

Signature Series (Light purple cards)

NOTE: All figures have facsimile autographs on leg and GOLD stands.

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin (Austin 3:16 T-Shirt and jeans)
  • Goldust (w/removable wig, repaint)
  • Hunter Hearst Helmsley
  • Mankind
  • Hawk (w/ removable shoulderpads)
  • Animal (w/ removable shoulderpads)

Re-releases, "Best of 1997" (TRU and WalMart Exclusives)

  • Bret "Hitman" Hart (no glasses, w/vest)
  • Owen Hart (Slammy Award Winning, w/vest)
  • British Bulldog (repaint, w/vest)
  • The Undertaker (1st sculpt, non-glowing)
  • Ahmed Johnson
  • Goldust (Signature Series Paint w/o signature)
  • The Undertaker ("Buried Alive" sculpt)
  • Crush
  • Shawn Michaels (red tights)
  • Rocky Miavia
  • Ken Shamrock

Special Limited Edition (18,000) Kay-Bee toys exclusive

  • Yokozuna (same as Triple Threat, but on single card)

WWF WarZone/S.T.O.M.P.

NOTE: No stands, come with various removable "anti-terrorist" weapons and armor. All-plastic bodies (all figs use same body), rubber heads.

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin (w/beret, armor, boot armor, pistol, and rifle)
  • Brian Pillman (RIP Brian!)(w/armor, boot armor, knife, and rifle)
  • Crush (w/armor, boot armor, and rifle)
  • The Undertaker (w/armor, boot armor, scythe, and axe)
  • Ahmed Johnson (w/straw hat, armor, boot armor, chainsaw, and ham hock)
  • Ken Shamrock (w/armor, boot armor, and rifle)

NOTE: Early shipments of STOMP figures were released with instructions for the discontinued "Bone-Crunching Action". More recent shipments have a black sticker over the instructions.



  • Diesel (white shirt) vs. Razor Ramon (yellow)
  • Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart
  • Shawn Michaels vs. Vader
  • Sycho Sid (blue tights) vs. British Bulldog

Survivor Series 4-pack (KB Exclusive)

  • Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Goldust, The Ultimate Warrior (green tights)

King of the Iron Rungs 4-pack (Target exclusive)

  • Ahmed Johnson, Bret Hart (no glasses), Steve Austin (Austin 3:16 T-shirt), Referee, and ladder.

Raw Is War 4-pack

  • Sycho Sid (blue tights), Bret Hart (no glasses), Vince McMahon, Sunny (pink)

Buried Alive 4-pack (Target Exclusive)

  • Paul Bearer (w/urn), Mankind, The Undertaker (new sculpt), The Executioner, w/ tombstone, shovel, and axe.

Triple Threat 3-pack (KB Toys exclusive)

  • Ahmed Johnson, Marc Mero (red tights), Yokozuna, and 2 chairs

Championship Belt Series 4-pack (Toys R Us exclusive)

  • The Undertaker (new sculpt), Rocky Maivia (w/cape), Owen Hart (Slammy Award winning), British Bulldog (repaint), with World, Intercontinental, European, and Tag Team Title Belts.

Nation of Domination 4-pack

  • Crush, Faarooq, Savio Vega, Clarence Mason

Manager Series #1

  • Bob Backlund and The Sultan
  • Clarence Mason and Crush
  • Paul Bearer (w/urn)and Mankind
  • Sable (black/sequined dress) and Marc Mero (black tights)

Tag Team Series #1

  • The Blackjacks (Bradshaw and Windham)
  • The Godwinns (Henry and Phinneus, w/chain and slop bucket)
  • The Headbangers (Mosh and Thrasher)
  • The Legion of Doom (Hawk and Animal, w/removable shoulder pads)


  • WWF Monster Ring (re-released LJN Ring with updated stickers)
  • WWF Ringside Microphone (w/sound effects and wrestler voices)
  • WWF RAW IS WAR Ring (repainted Monster Ring, new stickers)

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This list is also available as a text file.

This list was last updated April 19, 1998.

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