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Toy Lists
The Tick
Bandai (1995-96)
Compiled by Elf Of Doom (ElfOfDoom@worldnet.att.net)

6" Figures

Good Doers

  • Bounding Tick
  • Fluttering Arthur
  • Pose-Striking Die Fledermaus
  • Sewer Spray Sewer Urchin
  • Projectile Human Bullet

Evil Doers

  • Growing Dinosaur Neil
  • Death Hug Dean
  • Exploding Dyna-Mole
  • Grasping El Seed
  • Man Eating Cow

Wacky Wind-Up Action

  • Hard Drivin' Tick
  • Wing Fluttering Arthur
  • Submarine Sewer Urchin
  • Cannon Human Bullet
  • Crop Dustin' El Seed
  • Time Bomb Dyna-Mole

Series 2

Good Doers

  • Twist and Chop American Maid
  • Hurling Tick
  • Color Changing Crusading Chameleon

Evil Doers

  • Skippy the Propellerized Robot Dog
  • Mucus Tick
  • Evil Tongue Thrakkorzog

Tick Talkers

  • Tourist Tick
  • "I Love Wheat" Tick
  • "I Dig Dinosaur Neil" Tick
  • Natural Tick

3" PVC Figures

  • Tick
  • Arthur
  • Crusading Chameleon
  • Human Bullet
  • American Maid
  • Sewer Urchin
  • Dyna-Mole
  • Dinosaur Neil
  • Chairface Chippendale
  • Dean
  • El Seed


  • Tick
  • Arthur
  • American Maid
  • El Seed
  • The Terror
  • 4-Pack

Large Figure

  • Talking Tick 16"


  • Steel Box
  • Rooftop Fortress

NOTE: Based on Ben Edlund's super hero spoof, as seen in the Tick comic books and the animated series. Most references do not list the Rooftop Fortress.

This list is also available as a text file.

This list was last updated February 07, 1998.

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