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Toy Lists
Compiled by Aponce (ponce1@flash.net)

Hercules the Legendary Journeys: 1st Wave

  • Ares: Detachable Weapons of War. (Axe and Huge Sword Accessories)
  • Cerebus: 6" monster. The three headed dog that guards the gates of Hades!
  • Echidna: 6" monster. The mother of all monsters!
  • Hercules I: Iron Spiked Spinning Mace. (Mace and Sword Accessories)
  • Hercules II: Archery Combat Set. (Bow & Arrow Accessories)
  • Hercules III: Herculean Assault Blades. (Large Backpack with Blades Accessory)
  • Hydra: 6" monster. Three headed serpent!
  • Iolaus: Catapult Battle Gear. (Backpack Catapult, Spiked Balls, and Sword Accessories)
  • Minotaur: Immobilizing Sludge Mask. (Sludge Mask and Forearm Accessories)
  • Xena: Warrior Princess Weaponry. (Sword, Shield, and Removable Armor Accessories)

Hercules the Legendary Journeys: 2nd Wave

  • Centaur: Big Horse Kick. (Clubbed Mace Accessory)
  • Graegus: 6" monster. Reptilian pet of Ares!
  • Hercules: Chain Breaking Strength. (Chains, Shield, and Sword Accessories)
  • Hercules: Dual Sword Slashing Action. (Swords and Cape Accessories)
  • Labyrinth Snake: 6" monster. Giant serpent with striking mouth!
  • Mole Man: Exploding Body. (Sword and Mace Accessories)
  • She Demon: Stone Strike Tail. (Stone Mask Accessory)
  • Stymphalian Bird: 6" monster. Prehistoric bird of prey!
  • Xena II: Warrior Disguise. (Chakram, Bow & Arrows, and Removable Outfit Accessories) Not pictured on any cards.

Hercules: Mount Olympus Games

  • Atalanta: Spear Shooting Weaponry Rack. (Weapon Rack, Spears, and Swords Accessories)
  • Discus Hercules: Discus Launcher. (Launcher and Discus' Accessories)
  • Mesomorph: Shield Attack Action. (Spinning Mace and War Hammer Accessories)
  • Salmoneus: Light Up Olympic Torch. (Torch, Dagger, Laurel Wreath, and Removable Cloak Accessories)

10" Deluxe Edition Figures

  • Hercules I: Sword and Shield Accessories.
  • Hercules II: Sword and Bow & Arrows Accessories. Not pictured on any cards.
  • Xena: Sword, Chakram, and Two Removable Outfits (Warrior Princess Armor & Civilian Disguise).

Miscellaneous Items

  • Hercules Electronic Battle Sword with Sounds.
  • Tower of Power Playset.

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This list was last updated January 19, 1998.

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