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Toy Lists
The Formulons
(Novaco - 1989)
Compiled by Elf Of Doom (ElfOfDoom@worldnet.att.net)

5-Inch Figures (First Assortment)

  • Commander Weaver
  • Raxon
  • Alex Grent
  • Mel-Zed, Demon Robot
  • Wendy Sanderson
  • Dr. Rono

5-Inch Figures (Second Assortment with Accessories)

  • Commander Weaver with Hydrophibian Laser
  • Alex Grent with Molecular Transducer
  • Dr. Rono with Shield Crystal
  • Nesbitt Crenshaw with Zayla (Alien Steed)
  • Rebecca Braemer with Teleportation Unit
  • Lorovel with Cosmic Lance

5-Inch Figures (Third Assortment with Accessories)

  • Commander Weaver with Solar Deflector
  • Alex Grent with Power Platform
  • Dr. Rono with Radiation Helmet
  • Jenny Kayton with Seismic Converter
  • Vyndar with Alchemy Chamber
  • Sgt. Danley with Surveillance Robot

Playsets and Vehicles:

  • S-10 Installation Playset with Command Headquarters and Underground Storage Facility
  • Raxon's Hideout Playset with Capture Cages and Lobotomy Lab
  • Commander Weaver's InterCruiser
  • Alex Grent's Sky Raider
  • Raxon's Terror Tank

NOTE: Based on a short-lived independent comic book. The focus of the series was on the heroic Commander Weaver and his crew on the planet Xenigran VII, and their efforts to repel the ceaseless invasion attempts of the evil Raxon and his gang of robots and intergalactic thugs. The planet was believed to hold some kind of mysterious "power source," which apparently explained why everyone wanted to possess it. A planned figure of Varan Geel, the Monster of Judgment, was never released.

This list is also available as a text file.

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