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Toy Lists
Fantastic Four
Toy Biz (1994-96)
Compiled by Elf Of Doom (ElfOfDoom@worldnet.att.net)

5-Inch Figures (First Batch - 1994)

  • Mr. Fantastic with Super Stretch Arms
  • The Thing with Clobberin' Time Punch
  • Silver Surfer, Space Surfing
  • Black Bolt with Flight Ready Wings
  • Dr. Doom with Shooting Arm Action
  • Mole Man with Twirling Combat Staff
  • Terrax with Space Soaring Meteor

5-Inch Figures (Second Batch - 1995)

  • Invisible Woman (Blue Costume) with Invisible Force Shield & Rolling Platform
  • Invisible Woman (Clear) with Invisible Force Shield & Rolling Platform
  • Human Torch with Glow-In-The-Dark Flames & Catapult Launcher
  • Human Torch with Flame-On Sparking Action
  • Gorgon with Hoof Stompin' Action
  • Firelord with Cosmic Flame Launcher
  • Thanos with Pulverizing Gauntlet Action
  • Dragon Man with Fire Breathing Action
  • Blastaar with Power Blast Action

5-Inch Figures (Third Batch - 1995)

  • The Thing II with Undercover Disguise
  • Namor with Power Punch & Undersea Trident & Shield
  • Annihilus with Cosmic Control Rod Transforming Mutant
  • Attuma with Sword Slashing Action
  • Super Skrull with Super Extending Power Punch Action
  • Triton with Swimming Action with Attack Shark & Sea Trumpet

5-Inch Figures (Fourth Batch - 1996)

  • The Thing with Rock Breaking Action Platform
  • Human Torch (Johnny Storm) with Firestorm Action Platform
  • Wizard with Disk Firing Action Platform
  • Psycho-Man with Emotion Detector Action Platform
  • Medusa with Hair Snare Action Platform


  • Fantasticar, Cosmic Modular Space Vehicle
  • The Thing's Sky Cycle
  • Mr. Fantastic's Sky Shuttle

10-Inch Figures

  • The Thing
  • Human Torch
  • Johnny Storm
  • Silver Surfer
  • Dr. Doom

14-Inch Figure

  • Galactus, Electronic

NOTE: Based on the long-running Marvel comic book and the related animated series.

This list is also available as a text file.

This list was last updated February 12, 1998.

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