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Eagle Force
Mego (1981)
Compiled by Elf Of Doom (ElfOfDoom@worldnet.att.net)

2 1/2" Military Figures

  • Big Bro', Combat Medic
  • Captain Eagle, the Leader
  • The Cat, Escape Artist
  • Goldie Hawk, the Blond Bombardier
  • Harley, Ace Mechanic
  • Kayo, the Judo Fighter
  • Stryker, the Sharpshooter
  • Turk, the Strongman
  • Wild Bill, Cowboy Commando
  • Zapper, Electronic Whiz
  • Baron Von Chill
  • Nemesis
  • Red Wing
  • Sgt. Brown

Eagle Force vs. R.I.O.T.

  • General Mamba, the Ruthless Dictator
  • Beta Man, the Arsonist

R.I.O.T. vs. Eagle Force

  • Shock Trooper, Soldier of Tyranny
  • Savitar, the Assassin

Eagle Force Vehicles, Accessories, and Playsets

  • "Eliminator" Jeep with Eagle Mascot
  • "Talon" Tank
  • V.T.O.L. Fighter Plane
  • Eagle Island Giant Playset

NOTE: This line was billed as "America's premier strike force to fight world-wide injustice and tyranny."

This list is also available as a text file.

This list was last updated November 30, 1997.

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