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Toy Lists
Captain Action
Ideal (1966-68)
Compiled by Elf Of Doom (ElfOfDoom@worldnet.att.net)

12" Captain Action Figures

  • Captain Action in first issue box showing 9 inset pictures; Lone Ranger in red shirt (1966)
  • Captain Action in second issue box; Lone Ranger in blue shirt; includes Video-Matic ring (1966-67)
  • Captain Action in third issue box showing 7 inset pictures; "Free! 4 ft. Parachute Inside!" includes Video-Matic ring & parachute (1967)
  • Captain Action the Super hero in photo box; "Enemy of the Sinister Dr. Evil" (1967-68)

NOTE: All Captain Action figures were packaged with the following accessories: Cap, boots, gun, gun belt, scabbard, and lightning sword.

12" Dr. Evil Figures

  • Dr. Evil, the Sinister Invader of Earth; photo box (1967) Accessories Ray gun, gold chain, medallion, sandals, and face mask.
  • Dr. Evil with His Disguises and Weapons; window box (1968) Accessories Gold chain, medallion, sandals, "oriental" face mask, earded face mask, lab coat, thought scanner, hypnotic eye, laser ray gun, magnifying glass, ionized hypo needle, and reducing ray.

9" Action Boy Figures

  • Action Boy; photo box (1967) Accessories: Beret, boomerang, knife, boots, Khem (black panther) with collar and leash.
  • Action Boy, the Bold Adventurer; photo box showing space suit (1967-68) Accessories: Space helmet, space boots, gloves, knife, ray gun, belt, Khem (black panther) with collar and leash.

Captain Action Uniform and Equipment Packs (1966) in window box

  • Superman costume with face mask, flying cape, belt, arm shackles, Phantom Zone projector, block of Green Kryptonite, boots, Krypto the Super Dog with cape.
  • Batman costume with hood, face mask, batarang, bat rope, reel with grappling hook, utility belt with 2-way radio buckle, laser-beam flashlight, boots.
  • Flash Gordon costume with face mask, silver astro-suit, space helmet, space belt with holster, ray pistol, oxygen guidance "Zot" gun, silver boots.
  • Sgt. Fury costume with face mask, helmet, walkie talkie, machine gun, gun belt, bandolier, grenades, .45 pistol, boots.
  • Steve Canyon costume with face mask, 50 mission hat, helmet with oxygen mask, paratrooper uniform, parachute pack, garrison belt with holster, .45 automatic, knife, boots.
  • Lone Ranger costume with red shirt, face mask, cowboy hat, black pants, gun belt with two holsters, two pistols, Winchester rifle, boots with spurs.
  • The Phantom costume with purple hood, face mask, belt with holster, automatic pistols, rifle with scope, knife, boots.
  • Aquaman costume with face mask, conch horn, trident spear, belt with knife sheath, knife, swordfish sword, fins.
  • Captain America costume with face mask, laser beam gun, ultra-sonic intensifier pistol, belt, holster, shield, boots.

Captain Action Uniform and Equipment Packs (1967) with Video-Matic ring in window box

  • Green Hornet costume with face mask, hat, shoulder holster, gas pistol, watch message receiver, hornet sting, TV scanner with phone, shoes and ring.
  • Spider-Man costume with face mask, spider light, utility belt, spider grappling hook with rope and handle, spider saw, spray tank with hose, spider, boots, ring.
  • Tonto costume with face mask, headband with feather, bow, quiver, arrows, gun belt with holster and scabbard, six-gun, knife, moccasins, eagle, ring.
  • Buck Rogers costume with face mask, space helmet, space gun, gloves, space belt and harness, twin jet packs, radio microphone with cord, canteen, space light, space boots, ring.

Reissue Uniform and Equipment Packs (1967) with Video-Matic ring in window box

  • Superman costume with ring
  • Batman costume with ring
  • Flash Gordon costume with ring
  • Steve Canyon costume with ring
  • Lone Ranger costume with blue shirt and ring
  • The Phantom costume with pistols and ring
  • The Phantom costume with .45 automatic and ring
  • Aquaman costume with ring
  • Captain America costume with ring

Action Boy Uniform and Equipment Packs (1967) in window box

  • Robin costume with face mask, cape, utility belt, gloves, batarang launcher, batarangs, climbing grips, two bat grenades, boots.
  • Superboy costume with face mask, cape, belt, super chem lab, telepathic thought scrambler, interspacial language translator, boots
  • Aqualad costume with face mask, swordfish spear, belt, seahorse knife, shell axe, boots, Octo the octopus.

Accessories Packs (1967)

  • 20-Piece Survival Kit
  • 10-Piece Weapons Arsenal
  • Inter-Galactic Jet Mortar
  • 4-Foot Working Parachute
  • Inter-Spacial Directional Communicator
  • Anti-Gravitational Power Pack

Vehicles and Playsets (1967)

  • Headquarters carrying case with Captain Action figure in Batman costume and ring (Sears exclusive)
  • Action Cave carrying case (Montgomery Ward exclusive)
  • Quick Change Chamber with Captain Action figure in Batman costume and ring (Sears exclusive)
  • Silver Streak amphibian vehicle 21" long in box
  • Silver Streak Garage (Sears exclusive)
  • Dr. Evil Sanctuary carrying case (Spiegel exclusive)

NOTE: Completists may be interested to know that Aurora released a Captain Action model kit in 1966.

This list is also available as a text file.

This list was last updated February 07, 1998.

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