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Toy Lists
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
LJN (1983-84)
Compiled by Elf Of Doom (ElfOfDoom@worldnet.att.net)

3 3/4" Figures (1983) on square header cards

  • Warduke Evil Fighter
  • Kelek Evil Sorcerer
  • Zarak Evil Half Orc Assassin
  • Ringlerun Good Wizard
  • Melf Good Fighter Mage Elf
  • Peralay Good Fighter Mage Elf
  • Strongheart Good Paladin
  • Mercion Good Cleric Female
  • Elkhorn Good Dwarf Fighter

Battle Masters (1983) on square header card

  • Young Male Titan
  • Northlord Great Barbarian
  • Ogre King

3 3/4" Figures (1984) w/ "New Battle-Matic Action" on round-topped header card

Battle Heroes

  • Strongheart Good Paladin
  • Bowmarc Good Crusader on blue card
  • Bowmarc Good Crusader on red & black card
  • Deeth Good Fighter
  • Elkhorn Good Dwarf Fighter
  • Hawkler Good Ranger

Evil Battle Renegades

  • Warduke Evil Fighter
  • Zarak Evil Half Orc Assassin
  • Zorgar Evil Barbarian
  • Grimsword Evil Knight
  • Drex Evil Warrior

5" Battle Masters (1984)

  • Mandoom with "Shield Shooter Action"
  • Mettaflame Evil Fire Giant with "Shield Shooter Action"
  • Northlord Barbarian with "Shield Shooter Action"
  • Ogre King with "Shield Shooter Action"
  • Young Male Titan with "Shield Shooter Action" (square header card)

Mounts (1983) in window box with hanging flap

  • Evil Nightmare Flying Horse-Like Creature
  • Good Destrier Mighty Battle Horse
  • Bronze Dragon Good and Powerful "Flying" Dragon

Gift Sets (1984) in window box with hanging flap

  • Good Destrier and Strongheart
  • Good Bronze Dragon and Strongheart
  • Evil Nightmare and Warduke

Monsters in window box with hanging flap

  • Dragonne Half Dragon/Half Lion Monster
  • Hook Horror Vulture/Human Monster

Large Monster

  • Tiamat Five-Headed Evil Dragon


  • Fortress of Fangs Playset

Wind-Ups (1984)

  • Cave Fisher Wind-Up Power Creature
  • Pernicon Wind-Up Power Creature
  • Terrasque Wind-Up Power Creature

Bendable Monsters on square pink header card

  • The Carrion Crawler
  • The Chimera
  • The Five-Headed Hydra
  • The Raging Roper
  • The Neo-Otyugh Rubber Monster

2" Solid PVC Figures

Evil Monsters (2-packs) on square blue header cards

  • Troglodyte and Goblin
  • Bullywugs of the Bog
  • Bugbear and Goblin
  • Sinister Spectre and Lich

Large Monsters on square green header card

  • Terrible Troll and Goblin
  • Shambling Mound and Treasure Sack
  • Odious Ogre and Book of Magic
  • Fire Elemental (Magic) and Crystal Ball Treasure
  • Deadly Grell
  • Minotaur and Crown Treasure
  • Umber Hulk and Dungeon Treasure

Human/Monsters on square red header card

  • Heroic Men-At-Arms (2-pack)
  • Stalwart Men-At-Arms (2-pack)
  • Steadfast Men-At-Arms (2-pack)
  • Dwarves of the Mountain King (3-pack)
  • Elves of the Woodlands (2-pack)
  • Skeleton Soldiers of Sith (2-pack)
  • Orcs of the Broken Bone (2-pack)
  • Sarken Mercenaries (2-pack)

NOTE: Based on the role-playing game by TSR and the cartoon series which began in the fall of 1983. Original header cards say "Fully Articulated Player Characters" while later cards say "Poseable Player Characters." One announced character, Valkeer Norseman, was not produced.

This list is also available as a text file.

This list was last updated November 30, 1997.

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