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McFarlane Toys
by Joan Rachel Dennis (aka Joan Pixie) (pixie@cloud9.net)

McFarlane Toys - Descriptions of Variants and Repaints, Complete with Commentary.

Ahhh, the beauty of McFarlane toys. The best sculpts on the market, dangerously prone to losing limbs and other body parts, many "variants" and re-paints, and the females are almost impossible to get. A collector's dream, no? Well, it's not as bad as Star Trek, and a little better than Star Wars.

This is the complete guide to collecting McFarlane toys, compiled by a fan, using the toys on the shelf in my living room as reference (and consulting a Toy Fare when stumped). Disclaimer: Some of the card variants have been left out because I made this about the toys, not the packaging (and all of mine are open, anyway). If you really are hung up on the packaging and "value", consult one of the many toy magazines on the market. I recommend Toy Fare, because it's the coolest.

Questions? Corrections? E-mail pixie@cloud9.net
***last updated 14 June 1998, new additions have *** next to them***
***Checklists added 08 January 1998. Let me know what you think.***

This list is also available as a text file.

SPAWN : Series One (1994)

Series one was the first of things to come for McFarlane toys. The line debuted as a line with a lot of potential, and McFarlane toys has taken great strides since that day in 1994...The accessorisation the line has become famous for was not there - this line features rocking accessories such as the wooden club and the parking meter. This line came out on clamshell cards, packed with a comic.

CLOWN - there are a few variants on the Clown. The original release had the monster head out, and the subsequent releases had the human clown head out. Both were a short, squat figure that did not do very much.
The clown was also re-painted in gold for the KB Toys exclusive gold figure line.

MEDIEVAL SPAWN - This is one of the best figures in this starting line. Medieval Spawn originally was released with blue coloured armour, but was later re-painted with black armour.
Medieval Spawn was also immortalized in pewter (a Puzzle Zoo and Venture exclusive) and gold, as a part of the KB toys exclusive gold figure line. This figure was also released (a silver repaint) with the Battle Horse, and in a Medieval Spawn Vs. Malebolgia two pack that was a K-Mart exclusive.

OVERTKILL - The original paint job on Overtkill was a turquoise costume. There were two different versions of the turquoise costumed Overtkill, however. There were two different versions of his accessory, a parking meter: one version was had both 5 cents and 10 cents, and the rarer one had only 5 cents. (note: the 5 cent one can go for over $100, yet I have seen a lot of faked ones on the market, so buyer beware - those clamshells are easy enough to open and close). He was later repainted into a dark green costume.
Overtkill was painted gold to join his friends over in KB Toys exclusive gold line.

SPAWN - Ahhh, the original Spawny-guy. This is the regular old Spawn figure, accessorized with a wooden club, The original was a fully masked, black - costumed, red - caped Spawn. The repaint is better known as hamburger head Spawn (unmasked and butt-ugly). All in all, a great representation of the character.
Spawn was dipped in gold for the KB exclusive gold figure line, He was also done over with a navy blue costume, as a hobby shop exclusive. This paint job was limited to 5,000 and commands a high secondary market value, though the only difference is the navy blue paint. Another popular piece on the secondary market is Spawn 50, a dealer premium shipped with large quantities of Spawn #50. It is a hamburger head Spawn, with worms. Yum Yum. Venture sold the exclusive pewter coloured Spawn. The McFarlane Toys Collector's club also repainted Spawn 50 in blue, to make... Blue Spawn 50, as a club exclusive, complete with beautiful wormy head. McFarlane Toys Collectors Club also released the striking clear green skinned Necroplasm Spawn, who is a repaint of Spawn one, with a black cape.

TREMOR - The original Tremor had a black costume on and a nifty action feature: a punching arm. The repaint was the same, only the costume changed to dark green. His "skin" is orange on both, I believe.
Tremor was (you guessed it) turned into a Spawn - Emmy award for the KB toys exclusive gold figure line.

VIOLATOR - All the Violators looked exactly the same: A grey bendy body, no accessories. The major variant on this figure was the colour of the card in the clamshell. Apparently, there was the no card, the chrome card, the orange card and the green card. Either way, you are still getting the same figure that looks really neat if you sit him down on a speaker or something.
This figure was given the golden touch for KB toys exclusive line. The red Violator (a really excellent repaint) was offered as a mail-away offer direct from McFarlane toys. This is a wonderful piece that latecomers missed out on, and probably will continue to, as it commands a high secondary market value. A red Violator also turned up in a Target exclusive Violator vs. Commando Spawn two pack. Black Violator, who was originally a Japanese exclusive, sold with the Spawn animated video tape, was also made available through the McFarlane Toys Collectors Club.


Series two... series two. This series really got collectors, thanks to two absolutely wonderful figures: The huge Malebolgia, and the sexy Angela. The production value went up on this series, and the figures were released on cards with plastic bubbles (more standard to the action figure industry)

ANGELA - A few versions of this beauty were released. The original is commonly referred to as "party" Angela, because she is wearing no panties. Why so many people were looking up her dress is beyond me, but it was a mistake fixed in subsequent releases of the figure. Most of the variants on this figure have to do with her staff - the ribbons are purple on earlier versions, and on later ones, the ribbon is painted gold. There is a staff with actual "ribbons" attached, but they look more like garbage bag twist ties. These are all minute variants on the original paint job. The repaint has silver where the purple was and navy blue where the gold was on the original. The staff is silver and gold.
Angela was repainted with a red costume and brownish hair to be the first figure offered by the McFarlane Toys Collectors Club (Chet, the man who runs the club, rules, by the way). She was also dipped in gold to be a part of the KB Toys exclusive gold series. McFarlane Toy Collector's club dipped the fine lady in Pewter as an exclusive to the club, as well. She was also recast in translucent blue plastic, dubbed Heavenly Fire Angela, as a club exclusive.

BADROCK - Oh, Badrock. A cute figure for sure. Didja know he was originally named Bedrock but the Flintstones people didn't like it? The original is wearing blue pants and shirt, and the missiles that fire from his shoulder pads are pointy. How pointy ? Pointy enough to be made into rounded missiles, which is the only variant. He was repainted, and in the repaint (rounded missiles only) he wears red pants.

CHAPEL - Jeez. . .this guy. His variants are minute details, such as white pupils and white face, no pupils and white face and no pupils and bone coloured face. All of these have dark blue pants, and look very much the same. He has a lot of cool accessories, such as the gun where you pull the bullets through for authentic noise. Okay, well, not authentic, but cool anyway. The repaint has khaki pants, but I've never seen one, so I'm not sure what colour the pupils and face is.

COMMANDO SPAWN - This fine young Spawn has a few different variants. He has some huge guns as accessories, and that is where most of the variants occur. The original has grey guns, nothing spectacular. There are the most common grey guns with black speckles, and the ultra rare (it is rumoured only 700 were made) polka dot gun variant. Yup. 10 or so dots of paint are on the gun. This is one that sells for a lot of money on the secondary market, yet I can't figure out why. . . It's not as if Spawn would actually use a dotted gun, right? There is also a version of this figure with gold guns, though I have never seen that one, either.

MALEBOLGIA - This is the granddaddy of all action figures. Few were produced because he was so expensive to produce (he has jointed elbows, wrists, knees, ankles; a moving jaw and can stand up to a full 15 inches tall) Whoo doggy, this is a figure with collectors demand written all over it (No that's not some obscure variant, it's humour!). The original has a light green body, with some black speckles all over it. He has rooted grey hair as well. The repaint is a maroon colour that has some purple-ish and green-ish highlights. There are stories of tan Malebolgias, but I have never actually seen one. Never will you see a more breathtakingly ugly figure that's quite as cool as this one.

PILOT SPAWN - Oh, only a few variants on this one. Some have decals on the chest, some don't. There are grey hoses and black hoses. Some have skulls, some have "skulls wearing a hat" - don't ask me, I borrowed that one from Toy Fare's price guide. Some have plain skulls, some have red detailing. I think this is the sort of figure where just one will do. The repaint is an all-white one that has been dubbed "Astronaut Spawn" in some circles. He's kind of lame, and looks like what would happen if a snowtrooper mated with a royal guard.


All of the repaints on this series were made available in the summer of 1997, as a set through the McFarlane Toys Collector's Club. You had to buy the whole set, unless you lived in Spain, where they were sold separately in stores. The repaints are sleek, classy and very nice, all in all.

COSMIC ANGElA - There is only a minor variant on this figure, the second McF to feature rooted hair. The figure has a silver headpiece and a ponytail. In the originals, the silver paint that should be on the back of the head is missing, giving her a bald head under the helmet. The corrected ones have silver paint on the back of the head.
The club exclusive repaint has gold wings and headpiece, with a costume that is white and black. Very striking. She was also repainted as a Diamond dealer exclusive to celebrate Spawn month (May '97). This is a teal costume (with the costume including one teal leg) and bronze accessories. She is gorgeous, rare, and heavily argued over - most fans did not get their hands on this one. Secondary market value is through the roof, unfortunately.

THE CURSE - There is only one version of this figure, no variants. A black costume with light metallic green highlights and a chainsaw accessory (similar to Chapel's gun in the sounds it makes).
The club exclusive has a black body and white trim.

NINJA SPAWN - This guy has a lot of accessories. Nunchuks, Chinese stars, swords....He has a black costumed body with some red and white highlights on it, as well as a black hood. His head is of the hamburger head variety.
The club exclusive has a silvery-white body with dark trim.

REDEEMER - The first McFarlane figure to light up. His chest and hand light up to appear as gold energy rays. His cape hides a huge battery pack on his back (he takes triple a batteries). The original has a purple cape. Some people consider different amounts of gold paint on the figure's chest to be variants, while I say the ones with less paint are just the products of lazy painters.
The repaint has a gold cross on his chest and a black cape.

SPAWN II - This figure has an excellent cape - it is plastic, but sculpted to appear torn up. The plastic sculpting makes it somewhat poseable. His face is half mask and half hamburger head. Supposedly, there is a "paint on teeth" and "no paint on teeth" variant, but I think that may also be lazy painters.
The repaint has a black body with gold details.

VERTEBREAKER - oh, yes, there are more than a few versions of this Phlebiac brother. The original has a brown body with some lighter highlights - bluish, greenish hues. There is a variant on that colour scheme - some grey highlights got in the mix.
Puzzle Zoo and Venture did an exclusive of this figure - a light coloured one with black speckles on it. Very nice looking. The club exclusive was also a lighter coloured version, this time, a non-metallic bronze.

VIOLATOR II - This is a bigger and badder Violator. This one is made of the harder plastic that is the norm for McFarlane toys. He is much bigger than the original bendy Violator from series one. There are varying degrees of blue highlights on the bodies of these - some have subtle highlights, other heavier strokes. Whether or not this is a valid variant is your call.
The club exclusive has a light tan body.


This line is interesting because the "pegwarmer trend" seems to really start here. From this line forth, there are two figures heavily sought, and a few that barely sold on clearance.

CLOWN II - This figure has a weird variant - some of them have an extra head biting the arm of the clown and some have no head. The ones with the head are way cooler, IMO. There are some with and without the head that have black and silver launchers, The repaint of this figure is more clownish - they have orange coloured launchers. None of those have a biting head. His paint job is very, well... neon. All have a bit of rooted hair on the sides of the head.

CY-GOR - This is one of the figures that was incredibly hard to find when it was released. Everywhere you looked, he was gone. The original is a dark grey and black monkey with purple and silver armour. The repaint is the same monkey with gold and white armour. The original is more striking and harder to find. Didja know two of the proposed names for this character were Prime-8 and Go-Rilla? Target had an exclusive repaint of this one: his body was painted white. To me, it kind of looks like an abominable snowman-monkey.

EXO-SKELETON SPAWN - Oh man, there are so many variants on this figure! There are several combinations of no mask, mask, and half mask, mixed with brown and tan bones, black and grey bones, black and maroon bones, white and grey bones. . . All I can say is, get the one you like best, it's not worth searching for that minute detail. All in all, I think there are 8 different versions out there.
Target had an exclusive on this one as well. . . The red and green boned version (aka Christmas Spawn, in some circles).

THE MAXX - The first Sam Kieth figure to make it to the line was a smash success and almost impossible to find. A great sculpt of the purple guy, complete with a feathered headdress (looks more like a piece of carpet from a Barbie's house) and an Isz. Two versions, a white Isz and a black Isz were released, driving completists crazy and upping the demand.
FAO Schwarz would have fixed the Isz hoopla somewhat by releasing the Maxx exclusive with 4 Isz, but the quantities were severely limited. (I got one by faking tears to an employee, while wearing fishnets. FYI, it works every time...) The McFarlane toys collectors club also issued BAG O' ISZ, as a collector's club premium. The bag contains a variety of black and white Isz, along with an extra special red Isz.

SHADOWHAWK - Another character not taken from the Spawn universe. Sales were nowhere near Maxx's. The original was a black costumed figure, with some silver trim. The repaint, which looked much cooler, is a bronze colour with black trim.

SHE-SPAWN - Another great female mold, but this one didn't sell that well (I think everyone was so obsessed with Maxx and Cy-Gor no one cared what the rest of these figures did!) There are a few variants on this one-usually based on the launcher attached to her shoulder (which is, btw, kind of fragile). She started out with a red mask and a tan launcher, but the grey launcher version soon became more common. Then the black and grey launcher with the grey mask came out, followed by the black mask and the black launcher. Her rooted hair varies - some have grey hair and some have black. Whoosh. Much like Exo-Skeleton Spawn, there are so many variants, it's best to just pick one you like.

VIOLATOR II (CYBERNETIC) - This figure was released with the series 4 repaints. It is a regular Violator II figure with a silver Cybernetic arm and an eyepiece. Kind of cool, did not sell well.


NUCLEAR SPAWN - This figure first came with orange skin and a green suit, and some yellow tubes. Then he was repainted into green skin and an orange suit, looking more like the Creature and less like a Spawn. Kind of weird.

OVERTKILL II - Started out with some flesh skin and gray pants/detailing, and was repainted to have more silver on the skin and gold-brown trim, and half of his face is flesh and half looks like a cyborg/skeleton. His accessories are big attachments to his hand that spin (a screw, a blade, and a fist).

TREMOR II - This figure has tubing attached to his body, filled with liquid. The only drawback is the giant pump that sits next to his head, for moving the fluids. This figure also smells like something sweet, though the company says it's just coloured water. The original is an orange-based skin with red fluid in the tubes, and the repaint is purple with green fluid in the tubes.

VANDILIZER - The original on this figure is dark grey with black aromour. He's not the most active figure, and doesn't really do very much at all. His accessories are a sword and shield. The repaint of this figure is a yellow-tan body with light brown armour.
FAO Schwarz got a one-step up on this figure - they snagged the exclusive on the Red Vandilizer, with moving jaw. Chomp, chomp.

VIKING SPAWN - There are two variants on this one that look almost the same. One has grey skin and one has the hamburger head flesh tone skin. Both have orangey fur trim. As far as I know, the turquoise trimmed Viking Spawn was just a rumour, as I have never seen one, nor met anyone who has seen one.

WIDOW MAKER - An angel with bone wings (kind of fragile, but fun, with 16 points of articulation). The original has grey skin and a rose coloured outfit, black hair and masque. She has a pet, Gooner (who looks just like the Wampyr in the Angela mini-series). The repaint has a pale, almost white skin tone, with a red outfit, and the same accessories. One of the only McF toys with little action potential and a sword molded into her hand.


ALIEN SPAWN - The original has a black body with white highlights. The repaint has a white body with black highlights, making him kind of look like he has fungus or something. This figure weighs a ton, and is rather bulky.

BATTLECLAD SPAWN - This is a figure with lots of armour pieces that snap into place. The original has black/dark grey armour and the repaint has lighter armour that is almost tan in colour.

THE FREAK - This figure comes with accessories galore - lots of knives, a circular saw, a reaper, and more. The original has brownish tan skin and the repaint has grey skin. Both have rooted grey hair.

SANSKER - The original of this worm-like Vampire is a green body with tan highlights. The repaint has a black body with yellow highlights.
Puzzle Zoo, Venture, and Payless Drug Stores were granted the exclusive on the Sansker with human head and arms.

SUPERPATRIOT - There is little difference between the original and the repaint of this figure. The original has silver on the arms (where the repaint has a metallic, pale blue). The original has a yellow shirt on, and the repaint has dark blue.

TIFFANY - Another angel figure that was rumoured to be shortpacked (she wasn't) and was incredibly hard to find. The original has a brown costume and gold wings/sword, while the repaint has a turquoise costume and silver wings/sword. Both have blonde hair. The rumoured pink haired Tiffany is does not exist, though some of the figures do have a pinkish hue in the hair (a reaction to the glue).
***Tiffany was repainted as a collector's club exclusive, with a new head (which looks much more like her hair in the comic, and has two long pigtails down the back. Silver wings, necroplasm on her sword and packaged in a clam shell. All in all, a great figure. ***


This series had one major attraction: Sam and Twitch. Fans had been asking for these guys to be immortalized in plastic for years, and when McFarlane finally gave it to them, they went a little nutty. From this series on, it is easier to differentiate the repaints from the originals because they are marked with a sticker that says "2" under the description sticker in the lower right hand corner.

CRUTCH - The ultimate pegwarmer of all time. This guy did not sell. He is something of a "Freak-light", with a bunch of evil goodies like a weedwacker, jackhammer, and a removable leg that turns into a knife. It sounds good, but it's really not. The original has a Cornboy tatoo, and yellow and green highlights. The repaint is easy to spot: it is covered in cheesy neon tattoos and has a huge smiley face on the chest.

THE MANGLER - Also known as Wolf Spawn. This is a huge figure that would rival Malebolgia in size, but for the fact it has no knee joints. The original is dark grey with lighter grey highlights and the repaint is a deep brown with reddish hints. Both come with a staff accessory and a horned skull.

NO-BODY - The companion piece to Crutch, meaning it was a pegwarmer. The original is a robot with a brain in his chest, and has red and green highlights on a silver robot. The repaint has a severed head in the chest and has more of a yellow motif.

SAM AND TWITCH - These were flying off the shelf. Contrary to rumours, they were not shortpacked. In the original, both Sam and Twitch wear headsets, suits and ties. In the repaints, no headsets, and Sam has a totally re-sculpted head, including a squirrel like pocket of food in one cheek. Very cool. In both versions, the accessories remained the same - guns, walkie - talkies and a donut for Sam.

SCOURGE - Scourge is another Phlebiac brother figure. In the original, he is a bone colour, with brown highlights. He comes packed with a little purple friend, Nutnick, who can fit into his chest. The repaint is slightly bizarre - Scourge is black with white highlights, and Nutnick is molded on to his back, making a weirdly gruesome monster.

SPAWN III - The spring cape Spawn came in a box, and has a wingspan of about 15 inches. The original has a red cape and comes with an owl and a bat as accessories. The repaint is exactly the same figure, only the owl is replaced by a wolf. Generally regarded as the ultimate cheap-shot repaint, since the figure did retail at a price a few dollars higher than the regular figures. Both versions, however, have light up green eyes, powered by a non-replaceable battery, something collectors also did not like. A beautiful, yet flawed figure.

ZOMBIE SPAWN - Every Spawn has his day, and this guy is close to the end. The original has grey skin with black highlights, a black loincloth and a chainsaw accessory. The repaint has brownish skin with white highlights (and looks way more decrepit), a painted loincloth (a spawn symbol) and a chainsaw molded to one of his hands.


Originally, there were not supposed to be any repaints of this series, but they finally arrived in stores, about 8 months after the figures were released.

CURSE OF THE SPAWN - great scuplt - greyish skin, snap on armour and green eyes. the repaint is a reddish brown colour, not unlike the Mangler

GRAVEDIGGER - This figure has variants galore, as well as accessories. He comes with a shovel, pickaxe, tombstone, lantern and bones. The main attraction, though, is the bendy-demons, who come five per figure. There are 120 variations on this figure, due to random placement of the colours and demon-heads. Most collectors, however, accept five variants, based on the "head demon", the one with the horns. The colours? Purple, blue, green, red, and tan. The re-paint is pretty much the same as the original. Really disappointing, the demons are the same colours and the figure has more brown than grey.

GATEKEEPER - The guardian of Malebolgia. The main colour scheme is green, brown and grey. Has a hood, and a huge arm-weapon. The repaint is a powder-blue colour. His face still look skind of soupy, though general opinion is the re-paint looks better.

ROTARR - An alien with a helicopter attached to his back. Green skin, orange jumpsuit, and the first McFarlane figure with jointed fingers. The repaint of this figure is sort of... olive. He looks rather washed out and... well.. like an olive reptile of some sort. Still, a better than average figure.

RENEGADE - This is "Native American Spawn", complete with an eagle and an array of weapons. His skin and clothes are tan, and he has a helmet with hair of similar quality to Wetworks' Vampire. The repaint looks pretty much the same, though the colour scheme black and white. It looks kind of weird, and he has a new spear, if that helps..

SABRE - The companion to Renegade. A huge Buffalo, complete with a missile launcher and nipple ring (woo hoo!). His "fur" is brown. In the repaint, his "fur" is grey.


This is an odd line, complete with varied paint variations that seemed like complete repaints within the first run. The "variant" Ninja Spawn in this line looks like a new paint job, as well as the extra parts packaged with the Violator figure. Why exactly they did this, I do not know, but I can imagine the completeists were thrilled.

MANGA SPAWN - This robotic Spawn toy looks less like a Spawn toy and more like a Japanese robot, hence the Manga title. The large, red robot has a removable helmet and worm head underneath. There are variants out there: the favoured metal chains on the belt, the less than popular plastic chains on the belt (reusing the same oversized ones from Spawn 3), and the one without chains. Some have Japanese characters written on them, some don't. All in all, minute details really do make a difference on this one: the metal chains look a million times better.
***The repaint on this figure is a grey with black highlights, and public opinion is a thumbs up.***

MANGA GODDESS - This was originally Manga Angela, but they couldn't go with it, due to a dispute between Todd and Neil Gaiman. (Just give Neil the royalties and credit, already and get on with it!) She is a beautiful figure, with a purple outfit, gold trim, and rooted hair. Her staff comes with a real red ribbon this time (way to go!) and has large pink wings. The only known variant has Japanese characters on the breastplate of her armour.
***The repaint of this figure has a darker purple and grey colour scheme, with gold highlights. Collectors seem to prefer this to the first one, possibly because it looks less like Angela, and more like a stand alone character.***

MANGA VIOLATOR - At first look, it almost appears to be a re-paint of Scourge, but in reality, it's a different mold with similar qualities. This figure is one of the best monsters I've seen in a while, with tentacles, a moveable jaw, jointed ankles and knees, and a slime ball he can throw from a catapult. Variants? Of course. The slimeball is sometimes rounded, sometimes made to look as if it is dripping. It is packaged on the left side if dripping, and the right side if rounded. There is also one with a dripping ball that has two extra wings - pink versions of the green wings that came with Mutant Spawn.
***The repaint on this figure looks the same as the winged version of the original, though the wings are a pale orange, and the colour scheme is a pale green. *** (I am doing this from memory, so if I am wrong, please send corrections)

MANGA CURSE - This is the other figure that looks particularly like a Japanese robot in this line. He is a large green figure that looks like a cross between a grasshopper and a robot. The variant on this is simply some Japanese characters written on the figure.
***The repaint of this figure is a mauveish-magenta coloour with the human head out.***

MANGA NINJA SPAWN - This figure makes me laugh. Originally dubbed Manga Medieval Spawn, he still looks like that. No black hood stuck on top of a clearly Medieval figure will change my mind. Again, just give credit and royalties, and get on with it! The figure has pinkish parts to it , but in the variant, they are gold.
***the repaint on this is a reversal of the gold variant of the original***

MANGA CLOWN - Oh. Manga Clown. I almost forgot to put him on here, he is so awful. Soupy paint job, and he looks like a weird crab with a clown head. I have no idea what is going on there and whether or not there is a variant or not. It would be easier to compare the piles of them warming the pegs at a TRU near you.
***the repaint looks exactly the same, only the legs are slightly more grey. There are some cases where he is shortpacked, or not packed at all, making the manga clown repaint the rarest of the repaints in this line, though certainly not the most sought after.***


This series marks an interesting twist: most of the figures are made of a much softer plastic than previous lines. What this will mean to the quality and durability of the toys, only time will tell.

MANGA SAMURAI SPAWN - This figure is a detailled little Spawny guy, and quite possibly the closest to true manga style than any of the figures in the "manga" line will get, even though he has a vaguely Egyptian look to him. With a blue, red and gold colour scheme, this figure looks vaguely classy, and has a "backpack" that transforms into a bug, and a giant claw accessory.

MANGA DEAD SPAWN - The most notable thing about this figure is the fact that he is much cooler when you take him out of the package than when you see him in. Why? Because for some reason, his head is turned around backwards in the package. The back of his head is nice and all, but his actual face is a skeletal face, with a small mask over it. This figure has an extremely detailled paint job, and the "dead skin" looks quite realistic.

MANGA FREAK - This figure has more articulation than you can shake a stick at, as well as a nasty bunch of tricks, much like his non-manga counterpart. This figure is nice, though the yellow colour scheme makes him look less menacing than, say, a completely grey or black one would. But in all honesty, the figure is more than worth it's weight in articulation and play value.

CYBERTOOTH - Ignore the cheesy name, and look at the design of this figure (formerly known as Manga Beast , in all the advance ads.) This purple beast looks somewhat feline, and has a sleek design, though is plagued by the classic "large beast, weak knees syndrome" of most Mctoys. There is a somewhat odd, though definitely creepy head in the mouth of this figure. We can only hope they repaint this one in black.

MANGA OVERTKILL - This is a behemoth figure, that looks a lot like the original Overtkill, though a bit more cybernetic. The cool feature on this is the backpack, which doubles as a watergun, which is a first for McFarlane toys.

MANGA CYBER VIOLATOR - This is the cybernetic version of violator, though, unlike the origianl Violator/Cyber Violator, this is an entirely new sculpt and design, rather than basically the same figure with some metallic parts attached. This is a large figure, with lots of detail. Early reports list eye colour variants: yellow and green, thus far, though knowing McF toys, there could be others.


PVC PLAYSETS - A non-exclusive PVC set (Violator vs. Spawn) was released, and FAO Schwarz picked up the "dipped in pewter coloured paint" version. Both came in numbered boxes, and the FAO Exclusive was limited to 10,000.

13" Figures - No variants or repaints are known of these figures:
MEDIEVAL SPAWN (KB Toys exclusive)
VIOLATOR (Diamond Exclusive to comic shops)


No repaints are planned for these figures. The only variants known are on Spawn (listed below).
SPAWN - The variants on this one: Masked and unmasked, and "spiked", which is the body of the deluxe Spawn(who is masked) with a masked Spawn head. Some have green eyes and others have blue. Rumours about how these were packed abounded and no one (except the powers that be) knows for sure what was "rare" and what wasn't. ***Cannes Spawn: This is a figure that was given out at the Cannes Film festival. It is basically an unpainted (grey) spiked Spawn. It is fairly rare, though it does not command the secondary market value that a lot of "dealers" would lead you to believe. And why people would pay extra money for an unpainted figure is beyond me, as always.


No repaints are scheduled and no variants are known.
MALEBOLGIA (some of these have more hair on the head than others, and the one with mor ehair has curlier, puffier hair by far.)


These are small, like the monster playsets.

*** Variant: Diamond was granted the rights to the "Todd Bum" figure that was originally released in a baggie at Toy Fair in NY, 1998. Don't let "dealers" fool you, this is the exact same figure as the Toy Fair one, only it's not in a little plastic baggie.



No variants or repaints are known.

(came with oversized Violator figure)




MUTANT SPAWN - There were three different versions - one had two tentacles and two wings, one had four wings, and one had four tentacles. Colours on all of these vary, and it was not the best seller ever.

FUTURE SPAWN - Some of the originals were packed on cards, supposedly, though I have only seen the boxed one. The original had red and green detailing, and the repaint had black and clear detailing.


This is Todd McFarlane's line for figures that just don't fit in somewhere else. Boy, as sales on some of them suggested, they may not have belonged here, either.

AL SIMMONS - Why he wasn't fit for a Spawn line, I'm not sure. Either way, The original has a grey uniform and can have either black or yellow lettering on it. The repaint has a blue uniform, and is somewhat more striking.
Al was repainted to have red detailing as a Toy Club exclusive. He was made available early at Dragon Con, but don't get conned (rimshot!) the figure from the con is the same one available through the club , making it not quite as rare as some unscrupulous dealers may suggest.

THE CONQUERER - This replaced Gore in the repaint series. It is a Medieval Spawn body souped up, with a hamburger head. Any skin is molded of translucent green plastic and the armour and clothing is grey and green.
Puzzle Zoo came out with an exclusive Dragon Blade Conquerer two pack, where a repainted version of this fill-in figure can be found.

DRAGON BLADE - Dragon Blade looks like Robert DeNiro when you take his helmet off! The original and the repaint are very similar, only the repaint has more detailed red design on his tunic, and the repaint has a darker silver helmet.
Puzzle Zoo came out with an exclusive Dragon Blade/Conquerer two pack, where a repainted version of this figure can be found.

GORE - there is only one version of this little guy, and he is the rarest McF figure ever (though not in high demand at all). He was pulled out of production when it was discovered he was too small. He's a "midget hunchback pirate".

HOOF - A large rhino figure, keeping true to the McFarlane tradition of animal figures. The original is grey, and I have to admit, I am not sure of the repaint on this - it's the one figure I have never seen in any way, shape, or form.

THORAX - Thorax is a robotic lizard, I think. The original is green, with red trim, and the repaint is black with yellow and green trim.

THRESHER - The female of the bunch; impossible to get. The original is light blue with orange armour (and looks nothing like the figure on the back of the Total Chaos cards and previews, due to the head of the prototype not fitting into the helmet right) and the repaint is grey with turquoise armour and violet spots. Spots? Yup, this figure looks like she has chicken pox or something.


No repaints are planned for this series at the time of this writing. No TC series three is planned for 1998, as of the time of this update.

POACHER - This figure is huge! A large, man-hunting elephant that comes with an abundance of accessories leads this series into action. The gun that is shown on the package was not included with the figure, as a matter of fact, it was not even sculpted at any size other than two-up, so don't expect one.

SMUGGLER - In the early stages, this figure was rumoured to be a female, but ultimately turned out to be a male pirate of sorts. Baggy pants, brown skin and brown-gold coloured armour. He also has rooted green hair, and for some reason, a green sword.

QUARTZ - A cute figure that looks like Concrete or the Thing in some ways, only with Quartz crystals jutting out of his head and arms.

BRAIN DRAIN - Not quite sure what he is, other than a monster of sorts. Looks almost reptillian, maybe snake-like, with a large head and a liquid brain. Interesting figure at best.

CORNBOY - Cornboy is a huge guy, hulking and overblown, like a bodybuilder on steroids and then some. Looks kind of human, doesn't do very much. But he's Cornboy, so I suppose that counts for something. It's an inside joke at McFarlane toys, you see. Cornboy is one of their sculptors.


Whilce Portacio's book was immortalized in two series' of action figures with some incredibly hot secondary market items. At the time of writing, there are no plans for a series three.

DANE - no known repaints or variants.

DOZER - no known variants or repaints.

GRAIL - no known repaints or variants. The three "human" men of series one were left out of the "Halloween Assortment" repaint box of Wetworks figures.

MOTHER ONE - there are two versions - one with a "fat face" and one with a "thin face". Niether one is rarer than the other.

VAMPIRE - the original is a grey body with thick black hair and a red loincloth. The repaint, which was issued in a special case (mixed series one and two) is a dark green body with thinner hair and black loincloth. Few stores actually ordered the repaint case, even though it was full of the "hottest" Wetworks figures.

WEREWOLF - There are a lot of variants on this one. The original has brown fur and a brown nose. There are some with a black nose. In the case of Wetworks repaints, there is a light blue version (An attempt at silver gone wrong). All have rooted hair for their tails, and have articulation that has been likened to transformers.
Puzzle Zoo did two exclusives of this figure: One is a grey werewolf with a grey tail, and another is a grey wolf with a red tail (which I have never actually seen).


ASSASSIN ONE - The original has a blue translucent body, and the repaint is red. He is jointed at knees, ankles and elbows. Comes with a variety of weapons.

BLOOD QUEEN - An incredibly popular figure that 9/10 of toy collectors have never seen on a shelf. The original has a black outfit and a red cape, and the repaint has a black outfit with red trim and a black cape. She comes with a sword and a staff. Both have rooted black hair. She was, in fact, shortpacked, as was her female counterpart in this assortment, Pilgrim.

DELTA COMMANDER - A huge figure. The original has gold flesh and the repaint has a warm-peachy skin tone flesh.

FRANKENSTEIN - The original has brown skin and the repaint has green. Both come with a staff.

MENDOZA - The original has flesh coloured skin and has a tattoo. The repaint has some gold flesh.

PILGRIM - The original on this one has gold skin, and the repaint has flesh coloured skin. Is one of the skinniest legged females out there, and she tends to fall down a lot.

McFarlane toys also did a series of toys for Rob Liefeld's Youngblood in 1994, which were not repainted and are no longer being produced. No further lines are expected.


This is the company's first foray into mini playsets, and they did it with their usual flair. Lots of accessories, interesting sculpts and innovative action features.

DRACULA - Everyone's favourite vampire comes with a coffin, a bat, a revolving door (you can make it look like he changes into a bat! Whee!), a stake (he has a hold in his chest for it as well!) and cottony spider webs. This is an extremely detailed playset - the coffin even has what looks like red silk padding on the inside. A lot of fun for kids and adults.

WEREWOLF - The Werewolf playset is a lot of fun. The backround has a tree that we can hide a lovely little man: Steve-The-Victim. Steve, apparently, is a guy that hangs around McFarlane toys a lot, and got himself immortalised in a figure. You can tear his limbs off and everything. And his hat perches atop the Werewolf's head in a beautiful way.

HUNCHBACK - This playset has it all. The hunchback, deformed and hunched, stands under the bell. The executioner (with bloody axe and all) stands atop, looking quite menacing. All in all, makes for a playset I wish I had when I was a child and seeking mobid and disgusting toys. There is a variant on this figure: very few (I believe 300) were made of the Hunchback with a human head (the one that was inside the repaint of Nobody's chest) with a tear running down one cheek. Originally, it was meant to be a "chase" figure, until McFarlane called the figure off. The few that were made were shipped randomly, and it became quite the chase figure after all. (***Miss Pixie would really like one of these, so if anyone would like to sell me on at cost as a payment for compiling this list, I would not complain... ;P)

FRANKENSTEIN - Frankenstein's laboratory is a little hose of horrors. The lab is filled with all sorts of ghastly tools and books, as well as a table for operating on the monster. Beautiful. Extra brains and heads are included for fun. The pieces are small and easily lost, so be sure to put this one up on a high bookself, where the cats can't get to them. Trust me.


SEA CREATURE - This is a really nice playset, complete with a broken boat, water (which comes in a green plastic, and a blue plastic. At the time of this writing, they seem to be about equally easy to get). The creature is a nice replica of the Gill man, and the sea explorer has details, such as a removable chewed arm, which can be switched with the non chewed arm, and some sort of orange hair that was glued to his head, which looks like authentic hair of a balding man.

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - This playset is by far, the biggest of all the McF monsters released to date. It is about 12" tall, with a chandelier suspended from the balcony, as well as a velvety curtain and an organ for the phantom to display. Both the Phantom and the human male (why it was not a female boggles many minds) have exquisitely designed masks, and make quite the set.

DR. FRANKENSTEIN - This playset has a lot of play value, as it attaches to the first Frankenstein release, to create a two floor lab for our mad scientists. Something you may not know: The Doctor in this playset is actually sculpted to look like one of the sculptors at McFarlane toys, continuing the tradition of basing some of the characters on real life people who work at the company. The variant in this is simple: one has a yellow lightning bolt included, and another has a blue. As to which is "rarer", time will tell.

THE MUMMY - This is a really beautiful Egyptian piece, with a double-hinged sarcophagus, snakes, offerings, and a detailled sandy background, as well as a figure of Anibus that looks like it is made of stone, and an especially nice Mummy. Very nice playset, with a lot of play value, such as a trap door.


All four of the members of Kiss were immortalised into figures. They were:

The variants are as follows. Originally, the figures shipped with letter stands that spelled out "KISS". These were taking a long time to produce, so the company changed over to record albums with solo lps inside. Neither is rarer, as both are continuing to be produced at the same time, and the LP versions were shipped to fill dealer demand as quickly as possible. For some reason, Gene Simmons sold out fastest everywhere, leaving a lot of fans with "ISS" figures.

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