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Toy Lists

Do you have every toy you need to complete your collection of a specific line? Or do you want to know what toys are in a line before you decide if you have the patience to chase them all down?  Check out our toy lists! Not only do we have links below to a bunch of lists of different lines, some kind souls from our group have even been kind enough to write really thoughtful articles on different lines. The date next to the list or article is the date it was last updated.

NOTE: These are checklists and articles on what toys are available in what lines. This is NOT a list of toys I own and I really have no idea where you can get many of them. (And wouldn't I be popular if I did? <g>) If you are looking for a specific toy, check out the R.T.A-F.Marketplace newsgroup. Hopefully, someone there can help you out. Also, I don't pay much attention to toy values, so I really have no idea what these or any other toys are worth. There are many good toy magazines available that list prices. Also, you can check on Ebay to see what a specific toy is currently selling for.

I know that this doesn't even begin to cover all available lines. If you would like to contribute a list, email me!

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