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Fast Food Toy Update (October 29, 1997)
by Lisa K Shimei (zephyr4@grove.ufl.edu)

Barbies and Hotwheels are now at McDonald's. The Barbies all look the same to me with minor differences, but to their credit, they have double lace dresses, and all the Hotwheels are designed to be "city" vehicles. I like the towtruck the best - it has wheel holders instead of that awful towing hook. There is 5 Barbies, and 5 cars and they just started the promotion about a day or so ago. I got the towtruck, and I wouldn't have been able to remember which Barbie they had even if I had asked to look. I think the kids will really like the toys, but I found there was little unique about any of them, and speaking for my gastrointestinal tract, I'm relieved that they are boring.

who promises that the report will be out soon. Really. I mean it. Ummmmmmm

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