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Fast Food Toy Update (October 10, 1997)
by Lisa K Shimei (zephyr4@grove.ufl.edu)

The real report is coming up soon, but I found stuff last night that no one can afford to miss. Get to Burger King, and get those Universal Monsters toys! There's 4 of them - I got the Vampire (articulated little action figure, nice sculpt, in a red coffin he rises out of, and....there's a little bat-shaped cut-out window in the coffin!!!), and also the Frankenstein (a classic Karloff, with clear green head and hands, and he comes with a table that has *drumroll* a green light inside it to light up his head when he's lying on it!!!!!! - also a beautiful sculpt. Soon to come is the Wolfman with cellar, and my favorite - the Creature from the Black Lagoon! He's also an action figure (actually, they all are) and is clear green - pretty.

Frankenstein came out first and I drove across town to get him last night since he's almost sold out, so don't miss out on these if you're a monster fan.

well, gosh, they're so nice I'd eat 2 burgers to get 'em.

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