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1997 Kenner Starting Lineup Hockey
by Rick Rottman (rrottman@fred.net)


1997 Kenner Starting Lineup Hockey figures are out. That means that collectors from Portland, Maine to Long Beach, California are racing from toy store to toy store looking for Hockey figures. This cyber article will attempt to shed a little light on who is included in the 1997 regular set and who they are. Are they truly stars of the game or do they get hamstring injuries from sitting too long on the bench.

First of all, here is a list of the contents of each case.

02 Case
  • Bondra, Peter
  • Brodeur, Martin
  • Chelios, Chris
  • Forsberg, Peter
  • Forsberg, Peter
  • Hextall, Ron
  • Jagr, Jaromir
  • Jagr, Jaromir
  • Jagr, Jaromir
  • Messier, Mark
  • Messier, Mark
  • Osgood, Chris
  • Osgood, Chris
  • Selanne, Teemu
  • Selanne, Teemu
  • Vanbiesbrouck, John
03 Case
  • Alfredsson, Daniel
  • Arnott, Jason
  • Gretzky, Wayne
  • Gretzky, Wayne
  • Gretzky, Wayne
  • Gretzky, Wayne
  • Hextall, Ron
  • Lindros, Eric
  • Ozolinsh, Sandis
  • Palffy, Zigmund
  • Palffy, Zigmund
  • Puppa, Daren
  • Recchi, Mark
  • Tkachuk, Keith
  • Tkachuk, Keith
  • Vanbiesbrouck, John


When it comes to Hockey Starting Lineup figures, some of the most sought after figures are those of the hockey goalies. Collectors love the goalies! People that do not know the difference between a blue line and a bread line often search the toy aisles for goalies. The rationale behind this desire for goalie figures is varied. Some people like the goalies because of the extra pads and equipment that the goalies possess. They are more pleasing and favorable to the eye then other figures. Some like the goalies because a hockey team's success or failure on the ice often rides squarely on the shoulders of the man "Between the Pipes". Whatever the reason, goalies are hot!

One sad item of note should be mentioned about this year's goalies and that is the goalie mask. Goalies pride themselves on their masks and often pay hundreds of dollars to have them detailed with artwork that goes along with their team's logo. Kenner has always copied this artwork in years past. This year will be different. It seems that the artist that creates the stunning artwork on the goalie masks wanted a royalty from Kenner. Kenner refused to pay this royalty so this years goalies will be blank and bland.

Here is a breakdown of the goalies that are included in the 1997 set.

Martin Brodeur (New Jersey Devils) - He only led the NHL with a super-human 1.88 goals- against average last year and had 10 shutouts. What more could you ask? Scoring? Well, he even scored a goal in the playoffs! This is by far the best Goalie of the bunch. This is his second Starting Lineup figure.

Chris Osgood (Detroit Redwings) - He has four years in the NHL and played for the 1997 Stanley Cup Champs.... well, sort of. He was benched for most of the playoffs and played back-up to Mike Vernon, 1997 Playoffs MVP. Osgood posted a 2.30 goals-against average and had 6 shutouts during the regular season. Vernon is gone so look for Osgood to be between the pipes where he belongs. FIRST PIECE

Daren Puppa (Tampa Bay Lightning) - He only played 6 games last year due to injury and the Lightning missed him. This is his second Starting Lineup figure.

John Vanbiesbrouck (Florida Panthers) - This three time NHL All-Star is one of the best goalies in the game. Last year he had 27 wins and posted a superb 2.29 goals-against average. Though this is not his first figure as a Starting Lineup, this is his first regular release. He was once available through Kenner's Collector Club.

Ron Hextall (Philadelphia Flyers) - Played only limited time for the Flyers during the playoffs last year. He has been in the NHL for 12 years and this is his first Starting Lineup piece. That in itself tells you something! This figure will also 16 to a case at Boscov stores in the state of Pennsylvania. FIRST PIECE

Patrick LaLime (Pittsburgh Penguins) - Huh, what is that you are saying? Isn't Tom Barrasso the starting Goalie for the Penguins? Yes, LaLime is the Penguins backup goalie. He is 23 years old and has had only one year in the NHL. He posted 2.95 Goals Average in 39 games with the Penguins. Most hockey insiders believed that Barrasso would be elsewhere this year. Instead, he just posted his 300th win between the pipes with the Penguins. This figure will only be available in the state of Pennsylvania. He will also come in "LaLime Only" cases. FIRST PIECE

Forwards and Defensemen

Here is a breakdown of the left wingers, right wingers, centers, and defensemen that are included in the 1997 set.

Daniel Aldredsson (Senators) - This Swedish player has been in the NHL of two seasons. He scored a 24 goals and 47 assists last year. He also has a plus/minus rating of +5. That simply means that when he was on the ice, five more goals were scored for the Senators then were scored against them. Any Senator player with a positive +/- rating can hold his head up high. Most Senator players have negative +/- numbers. This is a piece worth getting. FIRST PIECE

Jason Arnott (Oilers) - This Ontario native has played four years in the league and has failed to live up to expectations. Many believe that he is capable of far more then the 19 goals and 38 assists that he racked up last year. He looked so good as a rookie fours years ago when he racked up 68 points (goals and assists combined). Last year he had the worst Oilers plus/minus rating at minus 21. This could be his breakout season. This could also be the season he sprouts wings and teaches himself to fly. I would not count on either event happening. Let another collector buy this one. FIRST PIECE

Peter Bondra (Capitals)- A personal favorite of this author. This Russian sharp shooter can put the biscuit in the basket on any given night. He is in his seventh NHL season, but has been ignored by Kenner until now. He scored 46 goals and made 31 assists last year on a loosing Capitals team. FIRST PIECE

Chris Chelios (Blackhawks)- A high scoring defensemen that has had 14 seasons in the NHL. Last season he played with severe knew injuries, yet still scored 10 goals and made 38 assists.

Peter Forsberg (Avalanche)- This highly talented center missed a good part of last year due to injuries. He was able to score 28 goals and a very unselfish 58 assists last year playing only 65 games. This Swede has three years in the NHL and is thought of by many hockey insiders to be the league's best player. This will be a figure in very high demand. Get it....... if you can. FIRST PIECE

Wayne Gretzky (Rangers)- This is probably the greatest Hockey player that has ever laced up skates. For years collectors have begged and pleaded with Kenner to include number 99 as a Starting Lineup figure. Kenner always stated that a deal could not be reached with "The Great One." Well, the people of Corinthian came out with a Headliner figure of Gretzky last year. In this author's opinion, it made Kenner look pretty bad. If the tiny body/giant head people could come to some agreement with Gretzky, why not Kenner? Expect demand for this figure to be immense. Luckily, he is anything but a short-packed figure. He will still be in high demand. FIRST PIECE

Jagr Jaromir (Penguins)- This Czech super-star is one of the most deadly Right Wingers in the league. Even though he missed 19 games last year and played hurt in many others, he still scored 47 goals and 48 assists last year. He always has a really goofy haircut, but do not let that stop you from adding his 1997 figure to your collection.

Mark Messier (Rangers)- Number 11 has played in the NHL for 17 seasons. He has played with the Oilers, Rangers, and now the Canucks. When it comes to winning a Stanley Cup, Messier is your man. He has helped every team he has ever suited up for win the cup. Are the Canucks next? Do not hold your breath. He not only provided stellar leadership to the Rangers last year, but he chalked up 84 points at the center position.

Sandis Ozolinish (Avalanche)- This Russian defensmen has played in the NHL for five years. He is big, touch, and scores a lot of points as a defensemen. He racked up 23 goal and 45 assists from behind the blue line.

Palffy Zigmund (Islanders)- This Czech right winger is in his fifth NHL season. Last year he scored 48 goals and 42 assists for the hapless Islanders. He lead in each and every Islander positive category. He is by far the best player on the team. Look for this player's figure to be in hot demand with most Hockey Starting Lineup nuts. FIRST PIECE

Mark Recchi (Canadians) - This Right Winger scored 34 goals and 46 assists last year. His production in the goal department has been lacking of late. He used to light up the net with 50 goals a year. This was before he started experiencing back problems.

Teemu Selanne (Ducks)- The man that broke Wayne Gretzky's rookie goal scoring record is back with Kenner. He scored 51 goals and registered 58 assists last year for team Disney. A real super star.

Keith Tkachuk (Coyotes)- This left winger is pure power. He scored a massive 52 goals last year and racked up over 200 penalty minutes. He is only the fourth man in NHL history to be in the 50/200 club. He is big, he is bad, and he is a scoring machine. Expect this figure to leap off the pegs. FIRST PIECE

Paul Coffey (Flyers)- This 36 year old defenseman is really starting to show his age. This figure will only be made available in the Pennsylvania area.

Eric Lindros (Flyers)- This 6-4, 230 pound center is a dangerous weapon on the ice. A player that possess finesse and power, he has made many goalies look bad on ESPN. Some consider Lindros to be the best player in the NHL. Last year he played only 52 games, yet still scored 32 goals and registered 47 assists. His plus/minus rating was a whopping +31. Truly a super-star. This figure will also be made available 16 to a case at Pennsylvania Boscov stores.

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