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What Did You Say??
(SATURDAY, 18 OCT 1997)
by Ra's Al Ghul

okay, that's it. I've bloody well HAD IT WITH YOU LOT! You think it's funny dontcha? "ho ho ho, let's all make fun of poor ol' Ras, he's so funny, what with his silly yellow armour and the fact that nobody wants him and too many were made, ho ho ho." ya, well I'm bleedin sick of it, and the lot of you wankers can toss off!!!

how do you think I feel man?..... you think i don't have feelings? i sit here day in, day out, being looked over and rifled through, never getting a second glance.... i get knocked on the floor and hell, the stockboys won't even re-peg me, they just kick me under the shelves, or leave me to be run over by screaming toddlers in peddle jeeps. you think that's any fun? huh? DO YOU?!?!?

YOU THINK I WOULDN'T KILL TO BE HARLEY QUINN?!?!?! hell, even pogostick joker and second edition bane are everywhere, just as plentiful as me... but does bane ever get used as an example of "useless crap"? huh? noooooooooo..... "he's too popular.... he's too big.... he's not wearing a silly yellow tin man outfit"


evil geniuses have feelings too ya know..... regardless of how many copies were made.


why.... why couldn't i have been short-packed?

ra's al ghul

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