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What Did You Say??
(22 NOV 1997)
by Joan Pixie (pixie@nyct.net)

I'm auctioning off the guys of RTAF on Ebay. Here's what I have so far:

ROT - everyone's favourite smart ass. Low maintinence, only requires a six pack of coke a day. Is rather polite, but prone to "staring at your rack" (hahaha) and will be more than happ y to hunt you. This piece is going fast, as it is a *canadian* exclusive. The card has a little damage, but worth getting this collector's item for children of any ages.
Ebay: 91923738

ELF OF DOOM - This fine genteleman is not only great fun, but good to have around the house, if you have a problem with giant sloths. Easy to care for, but requires a constant supply of butterscotch batmans and giant claws. (butterscotch batmans not included). A real deal!
Ebay: 18882671

GARY TABAR - this is a beautiful item you can play with without guilt. The mint Geo he comes in has been opened slighlty on one side so you can slip him out and play with him guilt free, or display in MIMC (mint in mint car) fashion. A steal. From my personal collection.
Ebay: 901829376

GLENN MASON - This figure has a high secondary market value due to card variants-- same figure, but with all sorts of different names- glennmasonscumbag and glenny moosem, both of those are rare, but none so rare as the original press of Glenn Mason. get it while it's hot.
Ebay: 918192782

TIM SMITH - It's hard to get villains from this line of men, and here, we have one! Production on these were limited because... well, the company intended to make him a shortpack and stuck by it after seeing what happened when they unleashed him on RTAF. Still, a great piece to own, rare and stunning.
Ebay: 0910919273

TICKLE ME DICKSON TANG - This is an adults only one. He says all sorts of XXX rated things when you tickle him, so watch out! A great piece to own, comes MOMC, and it's the PO's fault if it takes awhile.
Ebay: 918293834

HARRY PEACHES - This one is heavily scalped, due to controversy. Was named one of the top ten most dangerous RTAFers in 1996 and 1997. Parents talk of kids playing with this one and becoming quite verbose on all sorts of subjects. Still, a hot item this year... a real investment.
Ebay: 910182737

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