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Custom Figures
by Tung Nguyen (nguyetun@ohsu.edu)

Below are custom figures (with comments) by Tung Nguyen. Click on the pictures to see the full-size images.

[Bizzaro] BIZZARO
I modeled him after the picture at: http://www.batman-superman.com 
I made him from a Capture Net Sup. I added sculpey to his biceps, arms and stomach to remove the rippling muscle look. I also turned feet inward to give him the same stance as in the picture. The head was sculpted from scratch.
[Lex Luthor] LEX LUTHOR
Also based on the drawing at the Sup page.
This is how Kenner should've made their Lex to begin with. The head was from the STAS Lex and the body was a BTAS Two-Face. I added sculpey to the shoulders to beef it up as well as square it out to get that animated look. I also added sculpey to the ribs and side of the jacket to beef it up as well. Two-Face had a slim jacket look and I wanted to Lex to look stocky like the picture. I added sculpey to the inside of the thighs to beef that up as well. I used a dremel and shaved down the lower part of the tie. I then added sculpey to create the vest. I gued on a piece of mylar strip (flexible thin plastic strip) to make the tail of the vest. This was done so that portion of the vest was flexible to allow him to sit. The buttons were made using a tiny hole puncher on a sheet of plastic.
[Lois Lane] LOIS LANE
Again she was modeled after the picture at: http://www.batman-superman.com
She was made entirely from scratch with the exception of her hands which came from a Kenner figure. Because of her skirt she has very limit articulation at the legs so to compensate, I gave her articulate wrist .... yeah kinda weak :-)
[Mercy Grave] MERCY GRAVE
Based on the reference picture at the Superman site.
She's Lex Luthor personal body guard. I made from scratch as well but I did use parts from the Marvel Superhereos Invisible Woman. I cut out the knees and hands from the IW and created a wire armature. From there it was just adding Promat (another form of sculpey) until I got the desired look. The buttons on her shirt were made using a tiny hole puncher on a sheet of plastic and supergluing it to the body. The head was sculpted from scratch.

For more of Tung's cool customs, check out:

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