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Custom Figures
by Silverwolf (neko@netzone.com)

Below are custom figures (with comments) by Silverwolf. Click on the pictures to see the full-size images.

[Battle Angel Alita (Gally)] BATTLE ANGEL ALITA (GALLY)
[Jazmine "Suicide" McKenna] JAZMINE "SUICIDE" MCKENNA
from the comic book "Lion Bone" created, written and drawn by James Silverwolf.
When her parents dissapeared when she was 12 years old, she was left to care for her infant sister; Jessica. As she grew, she became to be a formidible bounty hunter, known for her skill, and ruthlessness. She seems to gain a measure of physical, almost sexual pleasure from the killing, though she says that she is only in the business for the money, so that she can provide a good home for her little sister.
When she runs across the renegade Lion Bone, she becomes intrigued. Learning the truth of his past and his innocence, she befriends him and joins in his quest to undo the deeds that the oppressive Phoenix Arcology have done. She also has a personal stake in this battle, as it seems Jessica has become a subject of their experiments.
(copyright James Silverwolf 1998 all rights reserved)
"The figure was designed, sculpted and painted by myself. It is fully poseable, with a moveable metal armature surrounded by rubbery super elasticlay (similar to sculpey, but non-brittle)."
[Lion Bone] LION BONE
from the comic book "Lion Bone" created, written and drawn by James Silverwolf.
Lion originally worked as a traveling sheriff under the employment of the Phoenix Tech Arcology. When he learned of the genetec and bio-warfare projects that Phoenix was involved in, they tried to silence him by framing him for the murder of his parents and his fellow lawmen. He managed to escape the police squads and dissapeared into the outlands where he has roamed for the past decade. He has a One Million New-Yen bounty on his head, but has managed to evade or kill all of the bounty hunters who have come after him so far. He continues to search for evidence and allies in order to clear his name and expose Phoenix Tech for the crimes they continue to commit.
Recently, he has found one such ally in the bounty hunter Jazmine "Suicide" McKenna.
(copyright James Silverwolf 1998 all rights reserved)
"I sculpted and painted the whole thing myself. It stands nearly 8 inches tall and was made from two types of 'sculpey.' The main body and head were done with the normal, rigid sculpey, while the arms and legs and part of the hair were made with the more flexible 'super elasticlay.' There is a metal armature inside, allowing the figure limited poseablility."
[Neko] NEKO
Action figure represents professional assassin and Spire City secret police contract-agent, Neko Shantal-Osten, from the comic book series "Neko: City of Fallen Angels" created and owned by James Silverwolf. (currently under development)
Orphaned shortly after birth, Neko was adopted and raised by a shadow branch of the Spire City-state department of military affairs for the specific purpose of training her to become a deadly assassin and special agent of unmatched skill. Her entire life has been devoted to this. Despite her tiny stature (she stands just under 5 feet tall), she is an extrememly deadly and efficient killing machine, heavily trained in both unarmed combat, and nearly all forms of weaponry.
She wears the scars of her years of training and her countless missions like trophies, using them as reminders of her own mortality so that she doesn't become overconfident and careless.
Despite her bred-in loyalty to the Spire City government, she only trusts one other person; her lover/partner Rena Shantal. Rena is Neko's anchor, keeping her from losing herself fully in her duty and becoming a cold, emotionless killing machine. Should Rena ever be lost to her...who knows what she might do?
(copyright James Silverwolf 1998 all rights reserved)
"Once again, here is a totally self-sculpted figure based on one of my characters, Neko. (a character whom I consider almost like a child to me. I've been developing her since I was 11 years old. That's half my lifetime.)"
[Disco Han] DISCO HAN
This Dancin' fool was created from a Lando Body and a Han Solo head, with the extra details such as the big-ass collar, chains, rings and sideburns painted on by hand.
Yowza! He's got it all together now!
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