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Custom Figures
by rot (geezuz@ican.net)

Below are custom figures (some with comments) by rot. Click on the pictures to see the full-size images.

[Cloak and Dagger] CLOAK AND DAGGER
[Dawnstar] DAWNSTAR
[Dream Girl & Shrinking Violet] DREAM GIRL & SHRINKING VIOLET
[Scorpion] SCORPION
[Suture] SUTURE
from the "Curse of Spawn" book
[Wolverine and Kitty Pride] WOLVERINE AND KITTY PRIDE
[White Witch] WHITE WITCH

Punk Rawkers

card front     card back
[Bonehead] BONEHEAD
With muscle and fury unmatched by any other member of the punk rawk group, BONEHEAD is an evil to be reckonned with! Luckily for the good guys, he has no brains.
[Chickee] CHICKEE
Being a member of the Rawkers lets her do whatever the hell she feels like. And there ain't nothin' that Chickee likes better than doing exactly what she likes!
[Flighty] FLIGHTY
Former "grunge-rocker" Flighty goes where the action is... cuz that's also where the chicks are. Who knows, maybe tomorrow he'll be at a Rainbow Gathering or a rave?!?!
[Hardcore Harry] HARDCORE HARRY
With a body as taut as a drum, a mind as closed as a nun's thighs, Harry stomps around as if he owned the place... which he pretty much does.
[Jack da Junkie] JACK DA JUNKIE
Jack moved here from Montreal in hopes of getting a heftier welfare cheque. Unfortunately, he neglected to factor in his new heroin habit... so, he washes car windows now.
[Wally] WALLY
The Weekend Warrior! Most of the time, Wally's stuck at his fast food job, head fry guy... but on Saturday night, he gets studded up and hangs at the mall. WHooo!

Alpha Flight

[Aurora and Northstar] AURORA AND NORTHSTAR
[Sasquatch and Puck] SASQUATCH AND PUCK
[Shaman and Gaurdian] SHAMAN AND GAURDIAN
[Snowbird] SNOWBIRD


[Captain Britain] CAPTAIN BRITAIN
[Kitty Pryde] KITTY PRYDE
[Rachel] RACHEL


[Cattle Damaged Batman] CATTLE DAMAGED BATMAN
[Canadian Spawn] CANADIAN SPAWN
with Snowmobile
[Transvestite Spawn] TRANSVESTITE SPAWN
[Scalper & Hoarder] SCALPER & HOARDER
[John Travolta] JOHN TRAVOLTA
[Figment and Slave] FIGMENT AND SLAVE
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