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Custom Figures
by Mr. Chris (MrChris@worldnet.att.net)

Below are custom figures by Mr. Chris. Click on the pictures to see the full-size images.

[Tubbies...] TUBBIES...
[Marvel Girl] MARVEL GIRL
[Custom Red Angela] RED ANGELA
[rotrot] ROTROT
[Spawn Barbie] SPAWN BARBIE

Kabuki: Circle of the Noh

All figures were created based on the original versions of the characters (from the Circle of Blood miniseries).
Sculpting material: La Doll by Padico. Air dry clay. Great to work with.
Paints: Testors

[Butoh] BUTOH
[Ice] ICE
[Kabuki] KABUKI
[Scarab] SCARAB
[Siamese #1] SIAMESE #1
[Siamese #2] SIAMESE #2
[Snapdragon] SNAPDRAGON
[Tiger Lily] TIGER LILY
[Tsukiko] TSUKIKO
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