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Custom Figures
by Moebius (moebius2@home.com)

Below are custom figures (some with comments) by Moebius. Click on the pictures to see the full-size images.

[The Chameleon] THE CHAMELEON
[Daredevil (Black & Yellow)] DAREDEVIL (BLACK & YELLOW)
[Peter Parker] PETER PARKER
[Silver Surfer (Skater)] SILVER SURFER (SKATER)
[Ultraman] ULTRAMAN
[Predator] PREDATOR
[Lobo] LOBO
Base figure: Animal Tamer from the Kiss Psycho Circus Peter Chris. Repainted
Gloves: Black
Boots: Black w/ Silver buckles
Pants: Blue
Face: Just like Lobo
Hair and trenchcoat: NWO Sting
Chains on wrist, gun: Spawn IV
Knee pad:Spawn Crutch figure
Hook: Crutch
Chain: another Spawn IV
Well the trenchcoat was a bit big so I cut off the outer sleaves and trimmed the length about 1/2". The knee pad was cut off of Crutch and dremmeled down to fit and then glued on. The hair: I had to dremmel down the base figure's hair and the inside on the Sting hair to fit better. That's about it.
[Red Monika] RED MONIKA
Well mostly a repaint of Sable in Red and Gold, I did cut out her closed fist so she could better hold her weapons.
Base figure: Sable
Dagger: from some unknown figure -- it matched the one in a drawing of her so i repainted it.
Collar: a piece of red ribbon from a Spawn Goddess' halberd
Sword and scabbard: From Psycho Circus Paul Stanley.
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