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Custom Figures
by Dale Roberts (XODLIRV@aol.com)

Below are custom figures (with comments) by Dale Roberts. Click on the pictures to see the full-size images.

[Black Vulcan] BLACK VULCAN
The high-voltage hero from TV's "Superfriends"!
[Catwoman] CATWOMAN
The classic Batman villainess in her most enduring costume (1945-85)!
[Dr. Phibes] DR. PHIBES
Vincent Price played this diabolical mastermind in two films.
[Kinetix] KINETIX
This savvy redhead is a member of the new Legion of Super-Heroes!
[Masters of Evil] MASTERS OF EVIL
Three early members of Marvel's greatest super-villain team: Radioactive Man, Klaw, and the Melter!
[Mr. Weatherbee] MR. WEATHERBEE
He's been principal of Riverdale High School for the past 58 years! (Ever thought of retirement?)
[The Warriors Three] THE WARRIORS THREE
Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg, Asgardian adventurers and buddies of the mighty Thor!
[Batgirl] BATGIRL
Kenner has yet to do this classic heroine in her classic comic-book costume, so I did it myself!
The super-speedster of the Legion of Super-Heroes, granddaughter of the Silver-Age Flash!
[Starman] STARMAN
Will Payton, fifth man to use the name Starman!
[Sersei] SERSEI
The stunning enchantress of the Eternals and Avengers!
[Plantman] PLANTMAN
Come on, you remember this Marvel villain of the 70's, don't you?
[Max & Bart] MAX & BART
Max Mercury and Impulse, DC's mentor-and-pupil speedsters.
[Hyperion] HYPERION
The muscle-man of the Squadron Supreme!
[Crystal & Karnak] CRYSTAL & KARNAK
Toy Biz missed these two when they did the Inhumans figures, so I corrected the oversight!
[Zot] ZOT
Zachary T. Paleozogt, adventure star of 80s indie comics!

For more of Dale's cool customs, check out:

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