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WANT TO MEET OTHER PEOPLE WHO SHARE YOUR TOY INTERESTS? Join a toy club. Sign up for a mailing list. If you know of any clubs or lists that I don't have here, write to me!


ACTION FIGURE CUSTOMIZING LIST - "Ask questions, share ideas and generally chat about the whole field of customization." See the Raving Toy Maniac site at http://www.toymania.com/customcorner/customize.shtml for more information.

A.T.O.M. - "Action Toy Organization of Michigan is a toy collecting group founded in July of 1996 by collectors, for collectors. The group works together to get toys for each other at cost, or through trades." For more information, see their web site at: http://www.atomgroup.org.

B.O.L.T. - Bloomington Organization for the Love of Toys. Here's the details, as provided by Daniel Peck (dapeck@indiana.edu):

B.O.L.T. (Bloomington Organization for the Love of Toys) has just recently been created in the Bloomington, IN area. Our purpose is to enrich the local community of collecting by sharing stories, comradery, and information. We have semi-regular get-togethers and help each other in locating those hard-to-find toys. Contact Daniel Peck at dapeck@indiana.edu for more information.

THE CUSTOM ACTION FIGURE COLLECTIVE - "Here you may join the ranks of others who share your interest in customizing toys and action figures." For more information about their web ring, see their web site at: http://tatooine.fortunecity.com/clarke/174/customs.html.

THE FORGOTTEN FORCE CUSTOMIZING GROUP - "Do you make custom Star Wars action figures? Would like to learn how, or want to get better, join my Star Wars Customizers' ListServer and start exchanging ideas with fellow customizers. It costs nothing and only requires that you be a responsible member of the mailing list." For more information, see their web site at: http://www.rebelscum.com/listserv.asp.

NJSWCC - New Jersey Star Wars Collectors Club. "The New Jersey Star Wars Collectors Club (NJSWCC) was founded in January, 2000 to help Star Wars Collectors in New Jersey and Philly and NYC communciate w/each other to complete their collections, share news, and show off custom work or dioramas." For more information, see their web site at: http://www.thejawa.net/njswcc/index.php.

PSWCC - Philadelphia Star Wars Collectors Club. Philly chapter of the N.J.S.W.C.C. for collectors in and around the Philly area. For more information, see their web site at: http://embark.to/pswcc.

SOFTT - Are you an obsessed female toy collector? Join SOFTT! Here's the details, as provided by Jo Bond (Malond@aol.com):

Hi, all, and thanks for waiting for me to respond about SOFTT. In a nutshell, we're a bunch of women who found each other through RTA-F, and we've organized a little group. We've traded like crazy, gone on shopping sprees, shared lots of customizing info, and really just become good friends. So now we're seeing if other women want to join. We want to see if, besides comradery and toy trading, we can maybe have an impact on the industry as the minority that we are (oof!).

I've written a FAQ and a sign-up sheet, which can be found at: http://www.softt.org/faq.html.

Aries is our web page master right now, and she's still doing a lot of tweaking. So let me know if you have any problems with the form or the FAQ!

Talk to you soon,

SLU MAIL - Starting Lineup mailing list. "Are you looking to buy, sell, or trade your extra SLUS?? SLU MAIL is the place!! With over 400 collectors/dealers on the list, you can find what you are looking for, and get rid of what you don't want! It is designed for buy, sell, trade ONLY. This the place to go to move your figures." If you are interested in signing up, visit the SLU MAIL web page at: http://members.aol.com/slumail1/.

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